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About Me

My name is Tony Logsdon.  I live in a small community in Western Kentucky.  I have always enjoyed being around beagle hounds.  Before college I had a couple grade (grade meaning not registered) beagles.  I had a tri color male and an red hound that I called (Red).  I would mainly hunt with my uncle David Huff.  He would always invite me to go on weekends and I usually went with him when I could.  Every since I can remember David had beagles.  I credit him with showing me how much fun it is to be able to rabbit hunt.  I didn't own any dogs while I went to college because I didn't have the time for them.  I was still able to hunt during season with my uncle when I came home on weekends.  After college I met my wife of 16years Tiffany. Tiffany and I have been married 16 years.  We have 2 kids a daughter Emma that is  11 and a son Clay that is 6. Now that the baby days are over for me I wanted to find a pack of beagle hounds.   There was a Kennel down the road called Oakhill Kennels owned by Sally Mcgehee.  I always wanted a couple of pups from her, but I never got around to getting a pair of them. Sally's kennel was the best one that I have ever seen.   Once I started  looking for a pack of beagles Sally had retired so I started  looking for anything that would chase a rabbit .  I bought 5 grade beagles and 1 AKC registered beagle.  I hunted  with them for a season before a new opportunity came up.

I was able to invest in some Shelba Siers Oak Hill Blueticks.  Shelba left this world much to early.  I had several conversations with Shelba before she passed.  She had a love for her beagles that you wouldn't believe. Shelba bought Sallys beagles when Sally retired.  A lot of  Shelba and Sallys Oakhill line has came back to Western Kentucky and I am truly blessed.


My goal is to produce black headed briar busting hounds with no quit to their hunt.  All my pups that I am selling will be under 13 inches. All pups will come with AKC papers.  I worm my pups at 2,4, 6, and 8 weeks.  The pup will get his/her first vaccination at 6 weeks.  I hold pups  7-8 weeks then they go to their new owner.

If you want a pup you can Email me any time.

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